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  1. In a weeks time it will all nearly be over, think we are more or less organised for christmas, not a lot changes in our day to day life. It can't really with animals about.

    Most days now are just a round of feeding, mucking out, turning out, bringing in etc etc etc. At least it will soon be the shortest day and hopefully  days will slowly get lighter for longer, its such a battle against time as I'm sure you all know, even with lights in stables its not the same as good old daylight.

    The rain we have had in last 2 weeks although very much needed have made such a muddy mess everywhere, although actually in fields its still quite dry, just the gateways where the horses await their feeds that get stodged. You can set your watch by them all waiting, first thing I see each morning outside bedroom window are 4 of them waiting for breakfast !

    We had a new livery arrive on Friday, Rolo is a proper chunky cob, he has gone in field with Dublin and Rosie, hopefully him and Dublin will pal up as Rosie is leaving at beginning of January to be closer to her owner, its fingers crossed that her lameness will go and she can be ridden again. The reason she came to us was because the vet had said give her some rest for a while to see if she became sound again. You wouldnt think there is much wrong with her the way she gallops across field for her food.

    Worsenden Lottie our little foal is becoming a proper character, chunky and cheeky are good words to describe her, she takes no nonsense from any others, Liberty and LaKaisha are in with her and she makes sure she has a tub of food for herself without anyone trying to share.

    Today we wormed 14 of the brood mares that are in yard together, I make sandwiches with the wormer, trying to feed each one separately can be fun. Richard helped me and we were attacked once they knew we had bread but managed to get them done without too much trouble.

    There isn't too much else to report at moment, this time of year doesn't have much excitement I'm afraid. Nothing due to be born for a while, although a couple of mares could surprise us in March time I think, then there will be lots to report.

  2. Well yesterday saw the last of the horses that were away for summer/autumn grazing ferried home. A mixed bunch that consists of one stallion, a section c and section d gelding, 2 shetlands and 5 mares, these have all run together along with the mare and foal that came home Tuesday.

    The 2 shetlands had been sold and we took them to their new home where hopefully they will be driven. The others are all in a yard together for now, but will split up and put mares in with our others and have to get the 2 welsh geldings out and headcollars on as need to try and sell them. Both will be 4 next year so ready to go and do something now.

    The new foal and her Mum came home Tuesday and have been put in with the 2 foals that are still her, Liberty who is waiting for passport to come back before she goes off to Scotland, and LaKaisha who we haven't sold yet. New foal is currently awaiting a name, will be decided tonight as have held a little competition on our facebook page to get her named. She is now up for sale and will be ready to leave Mum around May next year.

    Have been having a closer look at the brood mares and would not be at all surprised if we have some foals early next year. Prince was in with them all last winter and he has probably caught the mares that old King missed, so watch this space could have some big babies arriving  March time. never have our mares scanned just let nature take its course and hope we notice when something is happening. Have been caught out a time or two though !

    We should have 2 new liveries arriving soon as well, so one will replace Danny who left a few weeks ago, and then Rosie is leaving us at the beginning of January as her owner is taking her up to be near her at Uni, she misses her too much which is understandable. A very hard decision to let your horse be taken care of by someone else, especially when you have been looking after them everyday. Its not something we have ever had too do as luckily living where we do have always been able to keep them until they leave this world.

    So that is pretty much all that has happened this last week, the foals have all settled in their new homes and seem to be doing very well. Our daily routine is now one of feeding, mucking out, bringing in and out, at least the shortest day isn't far off which is always a nice thought.