About Worsenden Farm

We are a working farm in the Kent village of Biddenden. The farm has been in the Offen family for over 130yrs and now has its 6th Generation living here. Horses have always been a big part of the farm, in the old days for working the land, but from the 40's onwards Dick Offen started buying and selling horses for work and riding. During the 70's and 80's we bought and sold riding horses, buying from all parts of the UK. We have always had brood mares and our own stallions, early on we used to have TB stallions on cob mares but then Dick bought King , he is a homozygous traditional cob standing 15.2hh, from then on coloured foals became Dicks love. He had many customers in Kent and sold  to generations of familys. After Dicks sudden death in 2007, I (his daughter) Heather decided that we should carry on the tradition but in a bigger way, so we had our prefix of Worsenden registered with The Coloured Horse and Pony Society and now sell our foals all over the country.

granddad and his horses                                         mum and gramps

DICK WITH A BUNCH OF YOUNGSTERS                                                                DICK WITH HEATHER

We are still very much a working farm with cattle and sheep, four generations are still living here, the horses are left to run as naturally as possible with the stallion running with his mares.

Within the last few years we started a retirement livery business as well. We know how happy our own horses are to run together in a natural environment, so it is the perfect place to let your horse retire for his last years. We have ample stabling and loose housing so when its not possible to be out grazing the pastures your horse/pony can be happy undercover.