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Well we have mud back again, doesn't take much here on clay, but also after a few dry days it goes quite quickly. It only seems to be the gateways at the moment as the fields themselves are are really quite dry. Also the amount of rain we have had has made grass grow and its look greener than it has for a long time.

Luckily this is enabling us to still leave horses out 24hrs, the liveries all have their rugs on, but as its also quite mild only need lightweight ones. Dublin, Danny and Rosie have a field to themselves with ad lib hay and their hard feed twice a day, they are full of beans and know feed times when they come around better than us most days !

Alaska and Ben have been joined by my daughters old pony Tia, she is nearly 30 and showing her age now. Ben is in at night as he has had problems in the past and needs to be kept an eye on with his feeding, we give these 3 measured amounts of hay a day as can't risk Ben gorging himself. Alaska and Tia are on Simple Systems feed which suits them very well and have now sorted out the pecking order when being fed, although we do stay with them to make sure neither steals the others feed.

Foals are due to be weaned this week which will cheer new owners up as most are getting quite impatient now and want their babies with them. Most have now had 6 months with Mum so a good start to life, the Mums are getting quite fed up with them so will be pleased when they get left in peace now I think.

The lighter mornings suit me well for getting outside before school run to feed and make sure all ok. Luckily we have good lighting so although darker earlier we can carry on with most things easily.

Our refurbished stables are pretty much completed, at least useable which is the main thing, have another stable that just needs a new door and that will give us 7 of varying sizes.

So the year creeps on, and all going well, we love having our liveries here has made the place wake up again to how it used to be when I was competing and had up to 12 horses in to do and ride a day.

So a thank you to all the owners that trust us with their precious horses/ponies.

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  1. Clare

    I hope you realise that by saying Tia is nearly 30 you're saying the same thing about me....mildly insulted considering we are both whipper snappers at 26!!! Haha xx

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