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Well thats another weekend over, seems to have been quite busy. Had 2 livery viewings, one has confirmed that a new horse will arrive at end of month, a Section D. Both Rosie and Bens owners came to visit their babies, Ben enjoyed a pamper session and had kept clean up to last evening when he came into stable again, but guarantee he will roll once turned out this morning !

I also had 2 of the Collie pups new owners come to visit their babies, will be ready to leave in 3 weeks time, then I will have the stable free again as they are in residence there at moment.

The weather has been very kind to us, glorious day yesterday starting to dry the mud up again, and still quite mild so horses can stay out a while longer. Must admit they are all looking very well and happy in their little groups.

The foals are finding their feet and going in to feed them is quite a challenge now, they have found the taste of hard feed and wait at gate ready to pounce on us. The boss seems to be Lumiere , closely followed by Lulu and Leonardo. All very inquisitive and Louie and Liberty both coming up closer, Luna (Worzel) enjoyed a bottom scratch yesterday as he stood by the gate. They have not stressed at all since leaving their Mums so all going well so far.

So another week begins, will post some more photos of foals as soon as I can.


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