A Happy New Year

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Well its nearly the end of 2011, looking back its had its ups and downs, but as far as the horses go we really can't complain.

Have had 11 lovely foals, 9 finding new homes very quickly which in the current economic climate surprised us. Also sold 3 yearlings and found a lovely home for our gorgeous Thumper who was one of the last foals my Dad bred before he died. The foals have again gone all across the country to Cornwall, Manchester, Cambridgeshire, Surrey, 3 stayed in Kent and one who will soon be on her way to Scotland.

We have met and made friends with lots of new people which is also one of the best things about this job.

We started doing the retirement liveries and this means we have had some lovely horses coming to stay with us, and lovely owners as well !

What will 2012 bring? Well as far as foals go it will be a bit of a change, I believe we will have some early foals that will be by Prince as he spent the winter in the yard with the mares, and as we have seen with the birth of Lottie he has caught some at different times, looking at them I think that possibly 3 will foal by March/April time. Prince is heterozygous so his foals may be coloured, only time will tell. With the others it will be a case of waiting to see, with the lack of early grass our old man King wasn't his usual sprightly self, at nearly 40 we should let him off, so how many, if any of the girls who foaled in April/May he has caught is anyones guess. After deciding to bring him in to feed him up we turned Shoey out so could end up with a few later foals. Then there are the ones that spent the summer with Thomas, so could have a few smaller hairys. Will be an interesting year thats for sure.

We would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year, thanks to everyone who bought our babies and those that have trusted us to look after your best friends as liveries.

Heather, Richard and family xx

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