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This year is definitely one for being patient. Waiting for the sun and summer to arrive, and also waiting for foals. It is now very obvious that King did only manage to serve the one mare last year, result of which is Mowgli. The old boy has served his last mare, but can't grumble he has produced so many gorgeous foals over the years. Very sad but knew the time would come, he is really showing his age and we have him in on pretty much ad lib feed but struggling to put the weight on, a tough decision will be needed soon I think (very sad).

So anyway we are now awaiting the arrival of at least 8 foals but as Shoey wasn't turned with the mares until very late July then will have to wait a little longer, 2 mares looking very close and others shouldn't be far behind them. Keep watching our facebook page as it will be updated as soon as new babies arrive.

Of the 5 already born 4 have new homes to go to when weaned, just little Martha left which is quite surprising a she is very pretty and quite a character. Shoey has produced a lovely colt to a visiting mare from last year, so signs are good that his offspring will be pretty and well marked. Thomas has also become a Daddy to another filly just born in Devon to a mare that visited us last year. SO he has produced 5 out of 5 fillies, quite impressive and all gorgeously marked.

We are having to make big decisions this year over amount of mares we will be keeping, think our aim is to have more TB type mares as these when crossed with the traditionals produce a very nice type of riding horse. We may well be offering up some mares in foal at end of season, so if anyone interested please get in touch. 

Another choice we need to make is how many stallions to keep, picking between Thomas and Shoey will be the toughest, once Shoeys foals are born then we will need to decide. Of course we also have Prince who throws a big big foal, always making at least 16hh even to smaller mares. We know his foals are good as only have to look at Jiminy, Victor, Lilly, Rumer, Jessica etc to see this, but of course he is only heterozygous so not guaranteed a coloured but his solid foals always have good markings.

So lots to think about. Our retirement livery numbers are growing and we would like to have about 20 here. All that are here now seem to be happy, settled and enjoying being with friends and just being allowed to be horses. We have some buildings to put new roofs on and then can accommodate more, as well as using the yards for loose housing  as well.

I hope that many of you can make it to our Open Day on 14th July, it is being held in conjunction with our Wedding Reception Venue so will have marquee erected and caterer and other suppliers here on display. Please bring a picnic and hopefully the weather will be kind so everyone can enjoy sitting around the lake and also viewing the horses. Hopefully will have a few more foals here by then as well.

So to close and as I do the sun is beginning to come back out, how long for who knows, but at least all this rain is keeping the grass growing (have to look on the positive side of things).

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