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Hi everyone, though I had better update blog before Open Day this Saturday 14th July.

We have had a busy time what with 2 litters of puppies and 6 foals being born. What is this weather all about though, we are lucky compared to others up country but it will be having a terrible impact on businesses everywhere. So many County Shows being cancelled that qualifying for some equine classes been very difficult as well.

Here we have managed to make some haylage and silage, lots of grass cut around that has now been drenched. Although the word about is that plenty of hay has been made so lets hope that prices will be kept at a sensible level.

Finally we had more foals, 30th June when I checked in the morning Mia had given birth to a very pretty filly who we have called Minnie, I then went off to help my Daughter at a music festival in Tenterden to receive a text saying that the gorgeous Fragrant Cloud had also foaled, and what a stunning baby she had. So the name was decided, it had to be Mickey and Minnie. On the 3rd July Black Magic had a filly, very beautifully marked who we have called Matilda, 5th July Copper had another filly, again very long legged like Liberty last year we have called her Moonbeam. 7th July Thistle had a big boned colt who we have called Marley, 10th July Nettle had a colt who is very similar to her foal Lola from last year, we have called him Milo. My mornings have been very exciting finding these babies nearly every other day. Still have 3 who are definitely in foal and another 2 we're not sure about.


We are very much looking forward to the Open day on Saturday, everything crossed hoping that the weather is kind to us. For the wedding side of things we will be having Event Covered here showing their Capri Tents, Home Gurr'own our Caterer, Idyllic Days Florist and Kerry Ann Duffy Photographer. Have also just confirmed that Boulderwall Tack will be bringing their mobile tack shop along for you all to browse and hopefully find some bits to buy. I hope lots of you can make it and come and have a relaxed few hours, bring a picnic, enjoy the surroundings and see all our horses. We will be providing tea, coffe and soft drinks. See you then.


Heather xxx

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