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Well here we are nearly into October, since my last post we have had several sad things occur. Among them losing my Aunt, Richards Cousin, our wonderful old stallion King and then last week our sheepdog Bluey. The end of many eras in the space of a few weeks, brings you down to earth with an almighty bump. King was just not leading the life that was normal for him, he had been so used to running with his girls all his life and Dad would never have kept him this long, just couldn't get any weight on him so I had to make the decision to let him go, he is now buried up with my Dad in the field where his girls are. So they are back together just like Dad had always wanted, have to have happy thoughts like that to stop the tears from falling :)

The last week has thrown all kinds of weather at us, rain, wind, sun, never quite knowing what will come next. Rugs on, rugs off, keeping up with it not easy, have tried for now to just rug the oldies and warmbloods, the hardier ones have plenty of shelter in their fields anyway and to be honest it really doesn't seem to bother them too much at all. Even when they have the chance of a field shelter they don't use it!

Although we still have quite a bite of grass the hay we have put out seems to be going down quite well, especially with the mares and foals, don't mind this though as gets the foals eating the hay well before they come in, so not quite such a shock once weaned, and eating hard food then comes easier to them. Trying to keep them out as long as possible, again they have loads of shelter all around their field and quite happily use it when needed. have just started to fill in all the passport application forms, one of those jobs I always tell myself I will get done during the summer, but never do so now have 13 to complete. All those markings gives me spots before the eyes after a while.

Have 3 foals left to sell now, Milo, Minnie and Marvel, always strange how certain ones don't go as quickly. In the past it has been the likes of Jiminy and Geppetto, just look at them now though, both stunning, so don't miss out!!! Open to sensible offers on them if anyone interested just give me a call.

So, next blog it will probably be nearly Christmas, what a thought, another year nearly gone. Its true what they say, the days go much faster as you get older, so make sure you all make the most of everyone :)


Heather x

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